Educational Technology skills development

During the course:

  • We will talk about the history of educational technologies and how these technologies have influenced how we learn.
  • We will explore what it means to learn something and different approaches to deepen learning.
  • We will focus on active learning and take a closer look at simulations that can foster learning.
  • Introduce the idea of collaborative learning and considers communities of practice.
  • Provide an overview of different types of assessment and delves into how technology is changing the field of assessment.
  • Is all about design-based research, a methodology for research and design of educational innovations.

At the end of the course, students will have a deep understanding on:

  • Several prominent educational theories and approaches regarding teaching and learning and examples of how these are manifested in educational technologies.

Course Index

This course is about using ICT tools to help facilitate learning in the classroom and to help our students become digitally aware in the 21st century. Individual chapters of the course are:

  • Integration of ICT in the Primary School (Digital Technologies, School Classroom and Educational System)
  • From Theory to Application (Digital Technologies and Learning Theories)
  • Educational Software
  • ICT Teaching, Conditions and Diversity
  • Teaching methods that utilize ICT
  • Teaching media: Involving the Multiple Senses of Students
  • Use of the Internet in Education
  • Lesson Plan and Teaching Activities
  • Evaluation Tools
  • Distance Education (Digital Technologies and Distance Education)
  • ICT in Special Education
  • Trends in Educational Technology
  • Case study: Pedagogical Framework for the Use of ICT in Teaching Literature
  • Project